Located downtown on Maple Street, Gruff Brewing has become a staple of downtown area hangouts.


When describing the origins of a business it can be easy to list the details while losing sight of the excitement that led to them. You can say something about how Gruff Brewing was started in a garage in 2013 by three friends who were born and raised in Bellingham Washington. You can go further into the details by talking about how those same three friends spent their childhood winters plowing through the powder at Mt. Baker together, and spent summers exploring the Pacific Northwest and skating every piece of fresh pavement they could find. But those details don’t describe the excitement that led three childhood friends to spend every free moment they had brewing beer together, the joy of sharing a new creation with friends in a soaking wet garage with the doors open on a frigid February afternoon, or the hope that others will enjoy their beer as much as they’ve enjoyed making it.


At Gruff Brewing we hope that you enjoy the details as much as you enjoy the path that led you to them. We hope that you enjoy our beer as much as we’ve enjoyed everything that led to us making it. Let’s have a beer together..



M-Th 3p–11p
F-Su 11a–11p


21+//no minors

dog friendly

outside food friendly